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Nathan Bryan, PhD: Addressing the Root of Vascular Disease With Nitric Oxide

Nathan Bryan, PhD; Andrew W. Campbell, MD

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (ATHM): What led you to get into science versus any other area? Dr Bryan: All through grade school and high school, I excelled at math and science. We had counselors who guided us in career directions where we could excel. They said being good in science and math indicated I should be an engineer. I enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin in the civil engineering program. After the first semester, I met with a counselor and asked, “What do civil engineers do?” She said, “They do a lot of things. Build roads and bridges and construction.” I replied, “I’m not at all interested in that.” I was interested in the biological sciences. I changed my major from civil engineering to biochemistry, then I did undergraduate research for my last 2 years at the University of Texas.

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