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Dietary Supplementation With Cyplexinol for Amelioration of Osteoporosis: A Case Study

Paul Howard, MD;Keith Wilkinson, ND

A 50-y-old male in otherwise good health was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis with a lumbar spinal t score of -3.8. Further testing revealed no underlying causes other than a family history of the disease. He was placed on a trial regimen of 450 mg Cyplexinol twice daily for 4 mo. Repeat DEXA scans after 4 mo of this therapy showed an improved lumbar spinal t score of -3.3, the first time that improvement in t scores has been demonstrated in this short amount of time. Cyplexinol, the first orally consumable demineralized bone matrix consisting of a naturally derived bone morphogenetic protein complex, may be a beneficial alternative to conventional treatments for osteoporosis with an ability to reverse bone mineral density loss in as little as 4 mo.

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